A family friendly card game.


100% fat free fun.

Take all the pies you want. Eat all the pies you want.

In this fast and easy-to-learn card game, giving, taking and stealing are the only ways to win.

Watch out for the Pie Thief, but not the calories.


Steal. Connive. Take. You got this.

The Pie Thief deck gives every player the opportunity to change the outcome of the game up until the very last card.

Cherries let you skip a turn, Pablo and the Thief change the balance of power and the reverse card can make revenge taste even sweeter.

Build the pie with pie cards but be careful to avoid being the one to complete it. The player with the fewest pies or ALL the pies wins!

Ages 6+

2 - 6 players

15 mins.


Wait! How do you win?

There are two ways to win at Pie Thief!

Be the player with the fewest pies at the end of the game or,

be the player with ALL the pies at the end of the game.

It's an all-or-nothing strategy that makes adults cry like children when it doesn't work out the way they planned.


Pie Fights without the mess.

Build a pie in each round by adding slices. But, slices aren't the only cards you can play. You can play a cherry to skip your turn. BUT be careful, if three cherries are played in a single round, you have a Pie Fight!


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